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Texturing in Mari 5.0
Film & TV

Texturing in Mari 5.0: an artist’s path to storytelling

Paving the way for the future of texturing.

6 min read
art of texturing vfx header
Film & TV

The art of texturing: crafting photorealistic textures for visual effects

From dinosaurs to digital doubles, how textures bring VFX to life.

6 min read
How texture brings animation to life
Film & TV

Perfecting hair and painting buildings: how texturing brings animation to life

Telling stories through textures in animation.

5 min read
The Art of Texturing
Film & TV

Texturing through time: from miniatures to Mari

Making make-believe as real as possible.

6 min read
A Discovery of Witches header
Film & TV

Getting magical with REALTIME and A Discovery of Witches

A witchy awakening with Nuke and Mari.

6 min read
art of texturing panel
Film & TV

Foundry Session | Art of Texturing Panel

Join Rory Woodford, Mari Product Manager, and four expert Texture Artists for a conversation about the craft of texturing.

61 min video
Escape Studios teaching Mari
Film & TV

How Escape Studios are Inspiring Students to Unleash their Ideas

Empowering a new generation of artists.

The Mill Virtual Turkey
Film & TV

Cooking up a slow turkey with The Mill, Mari and Nuke

We caught up with The Mill to talk all things turkey and how they perfected their virtual bird

texturing at framestore
Film & TV

Unleashing your full potential as a texture artist

Framstore’s Head of Texturing, Michael Borhi, reveals the one skill you need to become a better texture artist.

Mari 3D Painting Effect
Film & TV

Four crucial reasons to experience 3D painting without limits

Modern texture painting requires power, performance, and pipelineability

Into spiderverse
Film & TV

Look development, lighting and texturing on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Discover how Sony Pictures Imageworks harnessed the power of Katana and Mari on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse!

Exclusive look at the new Mari Materials System
Film & TV

An exclusive look at the new Mari Materials System in action

We catch up with freelance character-creature artist Gaël Kerchenbaum as he tests out the Mari Materials System in Mari 4.5